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What are XDI dictionaries, and is there a "standard" dictionary for personal data

Page history last edited by Markus Sabadello 9 years, 5 months ago

There is no single prescribed pattern or schema for storing data in an XDI graph, i.e. it could be filled with any kind of data.

For interoperability however, it makes sense to agree on so-called XDI dictionaries, which define the structure of such data.

In other words, dictionaries fulfill a similar role for XDI as XML Schema does for XML or RDFS/OWL does for RDF.


Who defines XDI dictionaries?

Anybody can define an XDI dictionary for their own purposes.

Over time, we expect that a well-known governance process will be put into place for defining and documenting XDI dictionaries for use by the XDI community.


What would an XDI dictionary for simple personal profile data look like?

The following is a provisional set of XDI attributes for personal profile data:

  • <#first><#name>
  • <#last><#name>
  • #address<#street>
  • #address<#postal><#code>
  • #address<#locality>
  • #address<#region>
  • #address<#country>
  • <#phone>
  • <#email>
  • <#website>
  • <#gender>
  • <#birth><#date>
  • <#language>
  • <#timezone>


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