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How can data in an XDI PDS be referenced in a global and location independent way

Page history last edited by Markus Sabadello 13 years, 5 months ago

One of the most interesting features of XDI is its ability to address any part of an XDI graph in a global and location independent way.


Given an XDI address, two steps are generally involved:

  1. Discover the XDI endpoint that is authoritative for the referenced data.
  2. Send an XDI $get message to request the referenced data .


For more information about step 1, see:

How can a PDS XDI endpoint be discovered from a user's identifier(s)?




Given the following XDI address:


Step 1:

Using XRI Resolution, the following PDS XDI endpoint can be discovered:



Step 2:

To request the referenced data, we send the following XDI message (in X3 Simple format):



The response should look like this (in XDI/JSON format):

    "=markus": {
        "+email$": "markus.sabadello@gmail.com"

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